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Beatles 50th Anniversary: Coming to America: Websites

Librarian-Selected Websites

The number of websites dedicated to the Beatles as a group, as individual musicians, their lives, their music, and their influence is almost endless.   Below is simply a handful of what is "out there" - enjoy.

The librarian-selected websites on this page below and to the right are presented in four areas as follows:


The Beatles - Biography, Music, General Information

The Beatles and the "British Invasion"

Popular ("Pop") Culture in the 1960's

"A rock group called the Beatles landed in America in 1964 starting a revolution that swept through music and fashion.  The counterculture steadily increased in influence and visibility with long hair, beads and psychedelic clothing becoming more prevalent.  Young people experimented with communal living, free love, and alternate types of spirituality...In all of these ways and more, the 1960s changed the popular culture of the United States dramatically and permanently."     
                                    (From the book The 1960s by Edward J. Rielly)

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