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U.S. Presidential Election 2016: Home

Get non-partisan information on candidates, issues, voting concerns and more.

2016 Presidential Candidates

Hillary Clinton

Democratic Party

Jill Stein 

Green Party

Gary Johnson

Libertarian Party

Winner of the 2016 Presidential Election  Donald Trump

Republican Party

Photo of Hillary Clinton Photo of Jill Stein Photo of Gary Johnson Photo of Donald Trump

Democratic Party Website:

Hillary Clinton Website:


Green Party Website:

Jill Stein Website:     

Libertarian Party Website:

Gary Johnson Website:

Republican Party Website:

Donald Trump Website:


Candidate Biographies

If you'd like more background information on the candidates, these websites might help.

Which candidate is for you?

If you aren't sure which way you're leaning, these sites step you though mini quizzes to help you determine which candidate aligns the closest with you. 


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