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Assessment - Help & Teams: Assessment & Research Subcommittee

Assessment & Research Subcommittee


  1. Responsible for providing the college community with access to avenues for the development of creative initiatives.
  2. Responsible for providing data to support the initiatives, removing obstacles for implementation of initiatives and guidance in completion of the processes necessary for implementation.
  3. Responsible for an annual review of current College practices in Online Learning and making recommendations for improvements.
  4. Responsible for developing procedures and making recommendations to the College for implementation in Online Learning classes including mandatory training for anyone who is just beginning to teach via Online Learning or developing an Online Learning course, and having a system for reviewing the quality of Online Learning courses.
  5. Responsible for oversight of the College's General Education assessment program.
  6. Responsible for reviewing course and program assessment processes.
  7. Responsible for reviewing CQI applications.



Michael Ayewoh Executive Director, Sponsored Programs & Research, OCS
Diann Colose, Secretary Librarian, Boyce
Ebony English Faculty, Allegheny
Carl Francolino, Chairperson Faculty, North
Rachel Griffo Faculty, Allegheny
John Ingram Planning & Research Associate, OCS
Jean-Paul Konda Ntusi Adjunct Faculty, Boyce
Juel Smith Interim Associate Academic Dean, Boyce Campus
Vladimir St. Surin Assistant Dean, HBC & BHC

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