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Assessment - Help & Teams: Assessment Workgroup

Assessment Workgroup

workgroup team

The Assessment Workgroup, created Summer 2017, is comprised of a cross-disciplinary group of faculty and administrators tasked with developing and implementing a plan to address accreditation needs identified by the Middle States Commission of Higher Education.



Kevin Anderson Boyce Campus Faculty, Massage Therapy
Stuart Blacklaw Office of College Services Provost
John Dziak Allegheny Campus Faculty, Biology
Caroline Evans Allegheny Campus Faculty, Biology
Carl Francolino North Campus Faculty, Computer & Information Technology
Valery Keibler Office of College Services Human Resources
Bob Koch West Hills Faculty, Automotive Engineering
Kevin Smay Office of College Services Planning & Institutional Research
Stephen Wells South Campus Faculty, English
Kalina White Allegheny Campus Faculty, Biology
Melanie Yeschenko South Campus Faculty, Early Childhood Education
Carol Yoannone Allegheny Campus Dean of Academic Affairs

Understanding the overall impact of assessment at the College is necessary to ensure we are tying student outcomes to teaching, curriculum/general education, and resource allocation.  Connections exist well beyond the classroom, as both internal and external stakeholders use this data to validate degrees and hire graduates.

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