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CJC 151 (David Schwab) West Hills: APA Style

Resources for Mr. Schwab's CJC 151 research assignment.

Why Cite

Why Cite?

When you research a topic you may use information from articles, books, or the Web to support your ideas. However, you must credit the original authors of these sources by citing them.  This serves two important functions.

  •   It makes it clear that you are not plagarizing, or claiming work that is not your own.
  •   It tells readers of your work where to to find more information on a topic.

Sample APA Paper

sample apa paper

APA Style

View our concise APA handout (PDF) and the guide to citing in-text (PDF). 

Other APA Style resources:

APA Basic Tutorial (Video tutorial created by APA)
Complete Sample Paper (PDF)
Sample References List (PDF)


Understanding Plagiarism

Are you confused about citing sources in research papers? Do you know WHY sources need to be cited? Do you know HOW to cite in your papers? You can find answers to these questions in this StudentLingo workshop now available to CCAC students.

Understanding Plagiarism

 Access the Understanding & Avoiding Plagiarism tutorial from the StudentLingo site at:

Understanding Plagiarism

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