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JOHN F. KENNEDY 50th Anniversary: Online Interactive Exhibits

John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum & Library Online Interactive Exhibits

(Taken from American Libraries Magazine, November/December 2013)                                         

 Online Interactive Exhibits 

Click on the link above to visit the Kennedy Presidential Museum & Library website's interactive exhibits.  You can use the library's internal search engine to dig through unabridged files.   American Libraries Magazine recommends visiting these interactive exhibits and historic archives:

Civil Rights Timeline - explore milestones in the civil rights movement.

World on the Brink - JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis:  Day by day account of the crisis.

We Choose the Moon - blast off with the crew of Apollo 11 in the historic 1969 moon landing.

The President's Desk - sit at the president's desk, read his daily calendar, list to his phone calls, etc.

JFK Timeline

JFK50 - the Kennedy Library's award-winning site.

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