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Nursing practice that bases clinical decisions on research, clinical expertise, patient choices, and critical evaluation of the literature. Scope Note from CINAHL.

Evidence-Based Nursing


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Use this guide to explore topics about Evidence-Based Nursing.  You can explore the content of each tab, or simply choose what you may need. 

  • Library Databases - use library databases to find reference, magazine & jourrnal articles on your topic 
  • Books / DVDs - find books and DVDs at the CCAC libraries
  • Web Sites - find sites for organizations and schools that have adopted Evidence-Based Nursing.
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Evidence-Based Nursing - MESH

Scope Note:A way of providing nursing care that is guided by the integration of the best available scientific knowledge with nursing expertise. This approach requires nurses to critically assess relevant scientific data or research evidence, and to implement high-quality interventions for their nursing practice.

Evidence-Based Nursing - AlleyCAT

Search Evidence-based nursing as a Subject in AlleyCAT for print books and ebooks in the CCAC system Libraries. 

Use the Books/eBooks/DVDS tab above to search AlleyCAT.

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