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i-CONNECT: Step 1. Start Smart: Library Resources



The Library: Quality vs Quantity
Libraries have large collections of information on a variety of carefully selected and organized topics. The key idea when using the library is that you are getting quality over quantity.

Library resources go through a review process.
Librarians select books, magazines, journals, article resources, and Web sites. The library collects sources considered reliable, historically relevant, and valuable.

Library resources are free for your use.
Libraries are able to purchase one copy which can be shared by many people.

Library resources are organized.
Items are organized so you can find all the sources on a topic. For example, when you search for a book in the library catalog you will get a call number. The books and videos shelved near the same call number will cover a similar topic.

Library resources are meant to be kept for long periods of time.
A primary function of a library is to be an organized storehouse of information. As well as finding very current information, you can also find books that are no longer published and older issues of magazines.

Library resources come with personal assistance.
Librarians are available to assist you with your research needs. They will help you learn how to use online resources and answer questions.

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