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i-CONNECT: Step 2: Develop a Topic: Search Smart

Search Smart!

Sherlock HolmesWhen researching books, articles and websites, remember:

  • Searching is CREATIVE - use synonyms or different search words to find the sources you need.

  • LEARN as you search - keep your eyes open for new words or terminology that you find in your sources (book, article or website results).  Use this new search vocabulary for your next search.

  • Be a DETECTIVE - if you find a good source, dig deeper and explore any links or other suggested resources.  These will lead you to more information.

  • Look in MORE THAN ONE PLACE - use all the search tools available to you, such as library databases, books, eBooks, and websites.

  • DON'T STOP after one or two tries - if you can't find what you need, ask a librarian for help.


 Follow the steps below to learn better research skills:

1. Start Smart    2. Develop a Topic    NEXT STEP: 3. Find Information    4. Evaluate    5. Cite Sources

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