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i-CONNECT: Step 3: Find Information: Databases: Articles

Why use Articles?


academic journals

  • provide the best sources for current and new topics
  • have been edited and checked before publication
  • cover information that may be too narrow in scope for a books
  • can be written by professionals in the field of study

Article Databases...

search screen

  • provide access to thousands of articles
  • include citations and abstracts
  • contain full text articles

Different Types of Articles

Scholarly Journal Articles


Scholarly and peer-reviewed articles are good to find results of scientific or academic research.  They are written for scholars and provide in-depth analysis of a very specific area of your topic.


Popular Magazine Articles


Magazine articles are good for summarizing information on a topic for the general public. They often provide a background, summarize research findings, and provide some analysis of a topic.


Newspaper Articles


Newspaper articles are good for facts and up-to-date information. They often provide little analysis of a topic.


Article Details

Once you find an article, look for these features:

Scholarly vs Popular Periodicals

Jessup Library. "Research Minute: Scholarly vs. Popular Articles". YouTube. 29 January 2014.

Tips & Tricks

All of the Library Article databases have tools to:

Print          Save

E-Mail          Cite 

print, email, save, cite

Check for "Limiters" to narrow your search results.

Limit options. full text, date, type of publication

You can often limit by:

  • scholarly sources
  • full text
  • selected dates

Get Started

Get started with our Subject Guides to find the best sources for your topic.

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