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Here to Help!

The Librarians are here to help you! This Course Guide will show you how to get started with your research. 


Using Databases Instead of a Search Engine

What are scholarly sources?

  • The publication should be a scholarly journal not a newspaper or popular magazine.
  • The authors are scholars or professionals in the field and are normally affiliated with an educational institution or organization.
  • The article should have an abstract, citations and reference list.
  • Look for a phrases like “this study examines…” or “we did research to find…”
  • Articles are lengthy with few pictures.
  • Does not include any advertisements.

Scholarly vs. Popular Articles

Recommended Databases to Help You Get Started


College in Context

Issues and Controversies

CQ Researcher

Academic Search Ultimate

Opposing Viewpoints

The New York Times

Search Tips

Use SIMPLE KEYWORDS in search boxes:

  • social consequences for income inequality
  • income inequality and poverty
  • foster care system
  • children in foster care
  • commercial space travel
  • commercial space exploration

search limiters

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