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i-CONNECT: Research Better - Five Easy Steps:

What is i-CONNECT?

                                iCONNECT tutorial

Welcome to the CCAC Library online tutorial, i-CONNECT!  
This tutorial 
consists of five important steps in your college research process.  Each step includes:

  • A list of key concepts and skills you should learn
  • Main text and video tutorials
  • Tabs across the page that take you to various library resources
  • A quiz (coming soon!)

To get started:

  1. Watch the video "Understanding Research" on this page.
  2. Select Step 1. Start Smart located in the center column, or at the bottom of this page.


Some content is used with permission from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Library. Many thanks for sharing!

Important Points to Remember About Research -
Research is:

  • everywhere. You do research every day without always realizing it.
  • combining and gathering what you know and think with what others have to say (resources) and then filtering all that information into an answer to your question.
  • a journey to find people, or sources, who have information that can answer your questions.
  • a balance between your own thinking and what you have discovered.
  • choosing and evaluating resources for your research needs.
  • building on work that has already been done and furthering it with your own knowledge.

A research paper or project is a map of all the sources you consulted to develop an answer to your question.

Understanding Research

Portland State University Library. "Understanding Research." YouTube. 5 August 2013. Web. 23 May 2016.

 Follow the steps below to learn better research skills:

 FIRST STEP:  1. Start Smart
2. Develop a Topic    3. Find Information    4. Evaluate    5. Cite Sources

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