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cycle of researching information

Faculty Guide to Credo Information Literacy

CORI: Cycle of Researching Information

About CORI: Cycle of Researching Information

CORI is a smaller collection of learning modules based on the larger Credo InfoLit collection. It is designed to be a standalone set of tutorials for the CCAC Library website for students to use and for faculty to assign. It is available to help CCAC students advance their knowledge of information literacy topics. At CCAC, information literacy is a valued pillar of the College's educational mission and is clearly outlined as one of the general education goals as follows:

Information Literacy

Acquire, analyze, organize and evaluate information through technological and traditional means.

The following are ways in which this goal may be achieved:

1. Determine the nature and scope of information needed for a specific task.
2. Critically evaluate and organize information sources and content.
3. Acquire and use information ethically and legally.

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CORI: Cycle of researching information

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