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OER - Find & Adopt: Evaluating

Evaluating Sources

There are many considerations when evaluating OER for adoption. Factors include:

content, presentation, accessibility, needs, requirements

Rubrics Used for Evaluating


faculty grant application

Points to Consider

As you consider OER for your course you will want to evaluate the resource itself. Following is a checklist to use as you go through the various OER resources; these are the same points that you would use for proprietary materials. Print off a PDF copy.


Peer Review available?

Pedagogical methods are sound?

Sources are identified and cited?


Is the information in the resources accurate?

Did the author make any major content errors or leave out relevant content?

Does the resource contain spelling errors or typos?


Will the resource help you meet at least one of your course objectives?

Appropriate reading/ domain level for your students?

Production Quality

Is the content in the resource clear and understandable?

Are the interface and design easy to navigate?

Is the resource designed so that it promotes learning?

For audio resources, is the sound high quality?

For video resources, are the video and audio (if included) high?


For audio resources, did the author include a transcript or subtitles?

For video resources, did the author include close captioning or subtitles?

For text resources, did the author make a text-to-speech translator available?

For graphics, did the author include alt tags or long descriptions?


Does the OER promote active learning, class participation, and/or collaboration?

Does the resource provide opportunities for students to test their learning (e.g. a video or PowerPoint presentation with built-in checks for understanding)?

Cultural Relevance & Sensitivity

Does the resource establish inclusion through classroom activities?

Does the OER develop an attitude of acceptance and respect for others’ opinions?

Does the open resource enhance meaning through collaborative experiences?

Does the resource engender competence through self-assessment?


Does the resource’s license permit educational use of it?

Does the license allow users to modify or adapt the materials?

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Creative Commons License
Except where otherwise noted, Open Educational Resources at CCAC by Community College of Allegheny County Libraries is licensed
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