Basics of Zoom

For a report of class attendance, there is no need to require registration. To see a report listing students who attended and how long they stayed logged in to your sessions, use these instructions:

  1. Access your Bb course site
  2. Click your Zoom link and navigate to your Upcoming Meetings list
  3. Click the Previous Meetings tab
  4. Click the Reports link to the right of the Meeting ID column
  5. View the Name and Duration columns for student details
  6. Export the file to MS Excel if desired
Zoom: Find Attendance Reports in the Previous Meetings tab

Polls in Zoom

Waiting Room in Zoom

Hosts can choose to enable the Waiting Room during a live session or in advance to apply to all future meetings. There are also additional Waiting Room options for customizing how your Waiting Room functions.

Enable Waiting Room During a Session

  1. Within Bb, start your class session
  2. Click Security in the Zoom menu at any time
  3. Select Enable Waiting Room
    • An on-screen pop-up message will alert you when a student is waiting to be admitted to the session - Click Admit
      Enable Zoom Waiting Room

Enable Waiting Room for All Future Sessions

  1. Log in to your Zoom Web Portal at
  2. On the left-side menu, click Settings
  3. To the right of Waiting Room, click toggle button icon to enable Waiting Room
  4. See Waiting Room Options and click Edit Options to explore and enable options as desired
  5. Click Customize Waiting Room to explore and enable more options as needed
  6. Click Continue to confirm and save changes See additional details for this topic on the Zoom support page.
See additional details for this topic on the Zoom support page.

Scheduling in Zoom

Sharing in Zoom

It is not necessary for you to create a link in your Bb site for recordings and it is not necessary to email recording links to students. Students can automatically find the link for your recordings in your Bb site. Students should:

  1. Click the Zoom link in your instructor’s Bb site
  2. Within the instructor’s list of Zoom meetings, click the tab for Cloud Recordings
  3. Click the event name (Topic link in blue text) for the date/session that you want to view
  4. Click the Recording icon for the date you want to review (there may be several including Audio or Transcript only)
  5. Login with CCAC username and password if necessary
  6. Click the play icon to watch the video

These instructions are available for students within each Bb site when they access the Zoom link: "Students: Using Zoom and Viewing class recordings"