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GEO 101: World Geography: Library Resources

image collage of topics from GEO 101

GEO101: World Geography

images from Global Issues in Context - (left - right): 1. satellite image: Earth's Changing Ice. 2. photo: Deforestation in the Amazon. 3. photo: Busy Tokyo street. 4. photo: Clean Water is Scarce in Conflict-Riddled Areas of Yemen.

This Course Guide will provide useful resources for your GEO101 assignments. Find:
course resources
overview sources
article sources
course videos
info on scholarly sources
info on primary sources
citation formats

overview & background sources

article & journal sources


book cover examples

EBSCO eBook collection includes hundreds of books on all aspects of geography - from the geopolitics of Europe to the ecosystems of Australia. Easily search and pull the relevant pages or chapters.

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