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Citation Guides: Annotated Bibliography

This guide will show the basics for citing sources.
Annotated Bibliograpy: two large words, one simple assignment!





list of sources
sometimes called: references or
works cited



list of sources along with
a summary and evaluation of each

What's an Annotated Bibliography?

An annotated bibliography is simply a list of sources - articles, books, videos, websites - cited in a standard format like APA or MLA, but also includes a short summary and evaluation of each source.

1. Construct your list of sources.
Use the required format: MLA, APA or Chicago.
Develop properly formatted citations: copy from a database, use NoodleTools, or build on your own.

2. Write a brief annotation after each citation.
Points to consider when writing your annotation:

  • The author: Is the author or organization considered a credible source in the subject?
  • The purpose: What is the purpose of the source?
  • Main ideas: What are some of the main points of the source?
  • Usefulness: How will you use this source in your paper?

Always check with your professor about the specific requirements for your assignment.

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