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HIS 101: Western Civilization -- 1500: Library Resources

Use this guide to get started on HIS 101 Western Civilizaton papers and projects

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HIS101: Western Civilization -- 1500

images from Ancient & Medieval History Online - (left - right): 1. Painting of Maiherpra, a Nubian nobleman. 2. 19thC illustration of an armored knight. 3. 19thC painting of Cicero, the famous orator and lawmaker. 4. Seal, dating to about 3000 BCE, depicts the sun god Shamash on the left and the god of agriculture, Marduk, on the right.

This Course Guide will provide useful resources for your HIS101 assignments. Find:
the textbook
overview sources
article sources
course videos
info on scholarly sources
info on primary sources
citation formats

overview & background sources

article & journal sources


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EBSCO eBook collection includes hundreds of books on all aspects of Western Civilization - from the political to the social and Mesopotamia to the Roman Republic. Easily search and pull the relevant pages or chapters.

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