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HIS 105: US History 1865 - Present: Library Resources

United States History: 1865 to the Beginning of the 21st Century
This Course Guide will provide useful resources for your HIS104 assignments. Find:
the textbook
overview sources
article sources
course videos
info on scholarly sources
info on primary sources
citation formats


The American Yawp

The American Yawp
The American Yawp is a collaboratively built, open American history textbook designed for general readers and college-level history courses. Over three hundred academic historians—scholars and experienced college-level instructors—have come together and freely volunteered their expertise to help democratize the American past for twenty-first century readers. The project is freely accessible online at, and in addition to providing a peer review of the text, Stanford University Press has partnered with The American Yawp to publish a low-cost print edition. Used in HIS 104 / 105.

overview & background sources

article & journal sources


book cover examples

EBSCO eBook collection includes hundreds of books on all aspects of US History - from Reconstruction and the Industrial Revolution, through the changing politics and society of WWI, WWII, and modern days. Easily search and pull the relevant pages or chapters.

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