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DMS, Boyce Campus: DMS 102 - Legal Cases

medical legal searchThe topics and search tips below can help with your DMS 102 assignment to select a "Medical Legal Case."

Possible Topics are common medical errors that have resulted in legal actions.

Specific Cases from the last 25 years are also listed.

Use the OneSearch box to research your topic; check the search tips to make your research easier.

Possible Topics

Failure to obtain a blood type
Surgery on incorrect body part
Wrong sperm used at a fertility clinic
Wrong organ removed
Wrong leg amputated
Retained foreign objects
Wrong testicle removed
Incorrect cancer diagnosis
Surgeons using the wrong tools
Operating room—items mislabeled or not labeled
Birth injury
Medication errors (wrong dose or type)
Anesthesia errors
Misdiagnosis / failure to diagnose
Surgery on the wrong patient
Delayed C-section
Delayed diagnosis
Failure to properly intubate a patient
Wrong blood type during a transfusion
Hospital-acquired infection
Patient refusal of treatment
Brain damaged patients

Specific Cases

Allan Navarro
Dr. Nikita Levy
Tiffany Applewhite
Faith DeGrand
Dr. Conrad Murray / Michael Jackson
Joan Rivers
Donda West / Dr. Jan Adams
Dana Carvey
Julie Andrews
Ed McMahon
Bill Paxton
Dennis Quaid
Geraldo Rivera
John Ritter
Hulk Hogan
Jesica Santillan
Sherman Sizemore
Kim Tutt
Terri Schiavo
Elizabeth Bouvia
Henrietta Lacks


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Search Tips

1. Pick a topic or case
2. Select keywords for your search
3. Add a second word or phrase to narrow:
cancer and malpractice
terri schiavo and court case
michael jackson and conrad murray
search strategy

use limiters to narrow search
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