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Use this guide to learn about CCAC Library services that can support faculty.


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Reference Services

Reference Librarians are available at each campus library to assist with research, selection of reading materials, and finding printed and online resources to meet information needs for you and your students:

Research assistance service includes:

  • Topic selection, definition and development.
  • Development of effective research assignments.
  • Assistance using library resources
  • Assistance in obtaining library materials not available on campus (Interlibrary Loans).

Who's My Librarian?

Allegheny Campus
Ruth Byers 412.237.2593 L212
  Subjects: Fitness, Health Technologies, Nursing, Sports & Lifetime Recreation
Dennis Hennessey 412.237.6578 L204
  Subjects:Humanities, Information and Engineering Technologies, Mathematics, Sciences
Jody Wilson 412.237.6578 L204
  Subjects: Business Technologies, Communication Arts, Developmental Studies, Social Sciences, Education
Boyce Campus
Mary Ellen Benson 724.325.6713 N410
Diann Colose 724.325.6711 N412
Lori Cunningham 724.325.6713 N411
Dominic Igiebor 724.325.6798 N410
Sherry Martino 724.325.6798 N410
Chris Murry 724.325.6798 N410
Heidi Patterson 724.325.6798 N410
North Campus
Veronica Milliner 412.369.3651 1005J
  Subjects: Anthropology, Developmental Studies, Education, English, Geography, Journalism
Christine Beard 412.369.3651 1005J
  Subjects: ASL, Criminal Justice, History, Sociology, Political Science, Law, Languages
Christopher Galluzzo 412.369.3663 1005I
  Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Nursing, Physics
Lorraine Gess 412.369.3651 1005J
  Subjects: Accounting, Art, Business, Economics, Music, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Dawn Jackson 412.369.3651 1005G
  Subjects: Popular Fiction (including Young Adult, Juvenile, and Graphic Novels), Audiovisual
South Campus
Marion Couch 412.469.6294 L590
  Subjects: Children's Literature, Communications, Computer & Information Technology, Criminal Justice & Criminology, Education, Movies/TV/Pop DVDs, Handicrafts; Home Economics, Sociology, Technology, Vocational Guidance/ Careers, Women's Studies, Dance, Math (excluding pharmacy and business math), Music, Philosophy & Religion, Theatre/Stage Management/Acting
Irene K. Grimm 412.469.4322 L593
  Subjects: Allied Health, Biology, Botany, Business, Chemistry, Economics, Math (pharmacy and business math only), Nursing, Zoology
Rick Harrison 412.469.6295 L592
  Subjects: African American Studies, Fine Arts, Geography/Travel, Geology, History, Law, LGBT Studies, Linguistics (w/J. Wilson), Foreign Languages, Military & Naval, Political Science, Psychology, Transportation
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