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Video Series

This Teaching Online Masterclass is a video course designed to help educators adapt quickly to online teaching. The 61 videos cover topics like:

  • universal design
  • inclusivity
  • blended classes
  • engagement
  • assessment

teaching online master class

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How is Online Teaching Different? Teaching online is definitely different from teaching face to face, but don't worry. You can totally do this. It's likely that you're already blended or flipping classes anyway. And if you're not it's time to get started. 2020
How to Use Universal Design for Learning to Design Curriculum Educators can use the UDL framework to guide them in creating lessons that are going to reduce, minimize or eradicate any potential learning barriers their students might encounter. 2020
Using Universal Design for Learning Across the Curriculum Additional questions that educators should consider as they create units within the UDL framework is "are my assessments and assignments that I'm creating reflective of the learning targets and success criteria that I've set up for students"? 2020
Case Study: The Universal Design for Learning in Action My top tip for using UDL for the first time is to really consider this one question "is my lesson accessible to all learners in my classroom. And even if it is, what can I do to make it even more so?" 2020
Feedback and Assessment in Online Teaching So how can technology support feedback and assessment? We're going to start off with thinking about how important feedback and assessment are to the learning process. 2020
Teacher as the Facilitator in Online Teaching Even more so than the physical classroom, online and blended learning environments require educators to act as facilitators there to support and guide students' personal learning rather than try to lead it. 2020
Using Warmer Questions to Increase Student Engagement Online So one of the core strategies that I use to engage my students during online learning is a simple start or a warm up question. So as students come into the online environment, I want to have a question there waiting for them that can get them talking, get them exchanging with one another and exchanging with me 2020
Using Retrieval Practice to Improve Online Teaching So one of the cognitive strategies that I use in my online and blended learning approach is retrieval practice. So there's just simply getting students, usually giving them a blank piece of paper and just getting them to retrieve or free associate as much information as they can remember from what they have learned in the last week or the last month. 2020
How to Use Think-Pair-Share in Your Online Teaching So one of the strategies that I used to develop social skills in my class is the simple 'think, pair, share'. 2020
How to Use Social Presence Cues in Your Online Teaching Research has found that using social presence, cues has been found to increase students' motivation and can improve learning in both blended and online learning environments. 2020
How to Make Live Online Classes More Inclusive To make sure that online classes are more inclusive. Educators need to provide differentiation for students over that be as a chat text group, whether that be as a separate video call with people they trust. 2020
What is a Community of Practice in Education? A community of practice has three essential components. 2020
Parent - Teacher Strategies for Online Learning Educators can support families and digitally immersed learning environments in a variety of ways. 2020
Elements of Effective Online Courses When designing a unit of work or curriculum for online learning courses, what should K-12 educators think about? According to research, effective courses incorporate intentional design. This involves careful planning, clear expectations and concrete deadlines with some flexibility. 2020
Is Technology Dangerous to Our Mental Health? At a time when more and more schools like experimenting with online learning and new technology. Understandably parents and educators are concerned about young people's mental wellbeing, but it's not as bad as we think. 2020
Three Tips for Making Online Teaching a Success My top tip for making online and blended learning a success is to see this as an opportunity and an experience to grow with your students, admit to them that you're not an expert and that you'll need to lean on them as much as they'll need to lean on you. 2020
What is the Universal Design for Learning? Universal Design for Learning or UDL is a framework which describes what many teachers do naturally. 2020
Facing the Challenge of Inclusivity in Online Teaching The biggest challenge to making online and blended classes inclusive is understanding your students, understanding the technology and how that fits into an effective pedagogical framework. 2020
How to Create Inclusive Online & Blended Classes There are a few practical strategies educators can use in their classes to create inclusive, online and blended classes. 2020
Top Tips for Teaching Online & Blended Classes A top tip for inclusive teaching and online and blended classes is communication. 2020
Adapting Your Teaching Techniques for Online Classes Every experienced teacher knows that good classroom instruction requires a lot of planning. The same is true when we move online. In fact, teaching online requires just as much if not more planning, but the planning is different. 2020
Visualising Content for Memorable Online Teaching For a cognitive strategy, one of the ways that I support students is by training them to be really effective at visualizing learning. And I do this with my own students, as well as students in other courses, whether it's Sketchnoting. 2020
Using Interactive Video to Improve Student Engagement Online So one of the core engagement strategies that I use for online learning is interactivity in videos. So I make a lot of instructional videos. But the job's not merely done by creating video, you then actually have to make it interactive and you need to get students to apply the information that you've given them. 2020
Engaging Communication in Instructional Videos One of the core engagement strategies that I use in online teaching that has taken me many years to learn is essentially just trying to be as engaging as possible when speaking for instructional video purposes. 2020
Educator Emotional Well-Being in Online Teaching My top tip to help you teach in a blended and online learning environment is to take care of your own emotional wellbeing and mental health. 2020
Using the Buddy System in Online Teaching For an emotional strategy I do two sort of approaches. The first is just having schedule flexibility, being able to say to students you're required to understand this certain scope of information. 2020
Student Collaboration and Group Work Online One of the behavioral strategies that I find most effective in online learning is randomly grouping your students. So as much as possible, whenever you can try and get students collaborating with one another, and it's a lot easier online to actually get students engaging with one another in ways that they may not normally do. 2020
Positive Behavior Management Strategies for Online Teaching Here are three positive management behavior techniques that you should use in your online classes. 2020
How to Use Peer Competition in Your Online Teaching A social strategy that I use in my classroom, both in my entrepreneurship course, as well as my esteem studio courses is a focus on peer competition. 2020
Choosing the Right Technology for Online Teaching So what do you need to keep in mind if you're choosing technology for your school or learning organization? 2020
How to Increase the Production Value of Your Instructional Videos Let's talk production value, specifically video production
value. At home we don't have access to studio grade lights, camera, and sound equipment,
when we're recording, or streaming ourselves, but there are small things that we can do to
make our videos look and sound better.
Best Practice for Teaching Live Online Classes When teaching live classes, educators should ensure they are comfortable to start with. Good chair back supports, ensuring your eyes are level with the screen you are looking at. It's really important because after the first two lessons, I can tell you it starts to take its toll and a little bit. 2020
Communities of Practice versus Professional Learning Networks My field is in teacher education, education research. I'm very interested in digital media and learning. So there's lots of ways over the course of my career that I have built out a professional learning network. 2020
Helping Students Find Balance When Learning Goes Online Now we recognize that it's really important for students to be able to manage their technology use simply because it's a pressing conversation that often comes up. 2020
Is Online Teaching Effective? Is online learning effective in the K-12 education space? Well, according to recent studies by the international association for K12 online learning and the world economic forum, the answer is a resounding yes, but those with access to the right technology online and face to face learning can be equally effective. Here's what the research says. 2020
Characteristics for Success in Online Learning What characteristics do successful K-12 students exhibit in online learning environments? 2020
The Importance of Mindset in Online Teaching What mindsets to educators need to develop to succeed in blended and online learning environments? 2020
How to Use Universal Design for Learning to Design lessons Universal Design for Learning or UDL should be used to design online learning activities because teachers should want to try to create environments where all students feel seen, heard, and valued 2020
How to Use Universal Design for Learning to Build Online Learning Activities Educators can use the universal design for learning to build online learning activities that consider how technology can be used to amplify pedagogical practices to encourage student engagement and demonstrations of learning. 2020
Preparing Students for Success in Online Teaching and Learning When making the change to blended and online classes, educators need to be increasingly conscious of the importance of the human elements. 2020
Preparing for Blended Teaching To get students ready for blended classes, educators need to plan. And to really think about the tapestry of our scheme of work and how we can best structure the elements of live teaching physically in the classroom effervescent events style activities, games, and tasks that cannot be missed because you got to be there in the classroom. 2020
Preparing for Teaching Classes Online To get students ready for online classes, educators need to role model expectations. It's difficult being on camera, and it can be quite challenging for some more than others as well. It's important we role-model it. And try it ourselves. 2020
Essentials for Online Teacher Communication So there are some pitfalls of communicating with students and caregivers online, and some of those pitfalls are not what people jump to, which is issues with the technology. 2020
Adapting Your Face to Face Pedagogy for Teaching Online Many of the strategies used for student engagement in face to face classrooms can be modified for use in the online environment, whether synchronous or asynchronous. 2020
Multimedia Cognitive Load Theory for Teachers So one of the core cognitive strategies that I think is really important is what's called 'multimedia cognitive load theory', which is the work of Mayor and Fiorella, basically just keep in mind if you're producing slides, you want them to be consistent so they follow a rule. 2020
Segmenting in Online Teaching When teaching online it's best to segment or chunk verbal or written information for your students to help reduce cognitive load. 2020
What Teachers Need to Know About Cognition Here are three things you need to know about cognition to help with blended and online learning. Now thing, number one is that memory is contextual. So we'd like to think that when we learn, we just take in information clean, but it turns out we don't. So your information for this material now, isn't just going to simply be my word. 2020
Enhancing Accessibility with Instructional Video One strategy that I use for accessibility in my classroom is instructional video. So what this means is instead of standing at the front and delivering content, I have the flexibility of online learning, and I have a blended approach that I can use through using the video artifacts that I've created. 2020
Using Video Feedback for Formative Assessment Online So one of the strategies that I use for blended learning is video feedback. So to provide formative assessment to my students, instead of doing a double or triple handling of content, so reading something, marking it, and then typing up the feedback 2020
Three Things to Know About Behavior for Blended and Online Learning Here are three things about behavior you need to know for blended and online learning. Now thing number one is this. We cannot multitask no human being can, it's not a skill issue. It's a hardware issue in the brain. 2020
Three Strategies for Increasing Student Engagement Online The behavioral strategies that I see working quite well, really focus on the student choice factor. Being able to give a student an opportunity to figure out what medium most inspires them? 2020
Building Relationships with Your Students Online My top tips for educators to build relationships with students in a blended and online teaching environment is to connect with the student's limbic brain. This is their emotional and memory control center. 2020
How to Use Socratic Circles in Your Online Teaching So one of the strategies that I use to build social skills in my classroom is a Socratic circle or a student led discussion. So essentially in this format, you have an inner circle that are discussing a topic and you have an outer circle that are analyzing and assessing the discussion that takes place. And then of course they reverse roles at the end. 2020
FrameWorks for Selecting Technology for Online Teaching Now there are a number of frameworks in place to help you choose the right technology, whether it be for one element of your ecosystem or to evaluate your ecosystem as a whole, or the learning experience from utilizing that technology. 2020
Using Multimedia and Open Education Resources Finding and using multimedia and to open educational resources can transform your teaching, the students' learning. And very importantly, save you precious preparation time. 2020
How to Create a Well Structured Instructional Video I've been in the video production industry now for close to 20 years. And in the last six online educational video production specifically. And up until recently, I would show up on set or on location with big cameras, big lights, audio people, makeup people, but now obviously given the times we've had to adapt. 2020
How to Engage, Retain and Entertain with Instructional Video Being able to engage, retain, and also entertain are three
pillars that make a great video. The best part of online video is that the tech is always
evolving. The platforms are always evolving. Interactivity is a great way to engage your
learners. Everyone likes to be in charge of what they see and having control of what they
watch when they click it and why, and when, appeals to everyone and it's fun.
How to Keep Students Engaged in Online Classes To keep students engaged during live lessons, we need to flip things. We need to get the students going off and working independently to actually be accountable and manage their work before coming back and sharing their progress. 2020
How to Build a Professional Learning Network I will say that one of the most strongest way to build out your professional learning network, I've seen really on social media platforms and obviously Twitter comes to mind, particularly for educators. 2020
Finding Balance When Teaching Goes Online It is important to manage your technology use because we rely on it all the time now. 2020
Teacher Online Master Class (Trailer) Welcome to TOM Teaching Online Masterclass, a video course designed to help educators adapt quickly to online teaching. 2020
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