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Here to Help!

The Librarians are here to help you! This Course Guide will show you how to get started with your research. 


Using Databases Instead of a Search Engine

What are scholarly sources?

  • The publication should be a scholarly journal not a newspaper or popular magazine.
  • The authors are scholars or professionals in the field and are normally affiliated with an educational institution or organization.
  • The article should have an abstract, citations and reference list.
  • Look for a phrases like “this study examines…” or “we did research to find…”
  • Articles are lengthy with few pictures.
  • Does not include any advertisements.

Scholarly vs. Popular Articles

Recommended Databases to Help You Get Started

Reference Databases

Journal Databases 

Newspaper Databases 

Search Tips

Use SIMPLE KEYWORDS in search boxes:

  • social consequences for income inequality
  • income inequality and poverty
  • foster care system
  • children in foster care
  • commercial space travel
  • commercial space exploration

search limiters

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