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HIS 102: Western Civilization 1500 - Present: Library Resources

image collage of topics from HIS 102

HIS102: Western Civilization 1500 -- Present

images from Modern World History Online - (left - right): 1. Painting of Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam. 2. Painting of Napoleon I. 3. Painting of William Scott Bell's Iron and Coal. 4. Photo, Attack on Pearl Harbor

This Course Guide will provide useful resources for your HIS102 assignments. Find:
the textbook
overview sources
article sources
info on scholarly sources
info on primary sources
citation formats

overview & background sources

article & journal sources


book cover examples

EBSCO eBook collection includes hundreds of books on all aspects of Western Civilization - from the Reformation to the Cold War. Easily search and pull the relevant pages or chapters.

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