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NUR 210, Proie, Boyce: Cite the Article: APA - 7th


Publication manual of the APAAPA style, developed by the American Psychological Association, is used for hard sciences and social sciences, including education. APA uses parenthetical citations within the text and a corresponding bibliography or references list at the end of the paper.


What is a DOI?
A DOI, Digital Object Identifier, is a unique code used to permanently identify an article or document and link to it on the web. (It's kind of like your CCAC ID number which is only associated with you!)

What if there isn't a DOI?
No DOI? Just use the URL associated with the article!

APA 7th Edition

View our concise APA Style handout (PDF).

APA Style

Library Databases & Citations

Many of the Library Databases provide Citation assistance for the articles.  In the Tool area, look for features like "Cite" or "Cite Now!"

Do a final check to make certain that it has correct formatting, punctuation and content!


NoodleToolsNoodleTools is an online tool for creating works cited lists. Use it with MLA, APA, or Chicago styles. It helps you create your citations, and generates your bibliography. Create folders and store citations for multiple projects.
CCAC provides NoodleTools to current students, faculty and staff.  Contact a librarian if you have any questions.


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