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NUR 210, Proie, Boyce: Find the Article

This Course Guide will help you:

  • Search a journal database
  • Find an acceptable article on an ethical or legal issue in nursing
  • Learn to critique a primary research article
  • Cite the article
  • Find help!

nur210 research article

CINAHL Search Tips

Use SIMPLE KEYWORDS in search boxes:

ethics and cancer

ethics and euthanasia

liability and clinical

legal and home health

"legislation and jurisprudence" and nursing

Use LIMITERS to narrow the results.

cinahl search tips

Research Article Tips

Research articles follow a specific format and are organized into standard sections. Skim the abstract and article for the following sections:








Articles to Skip

Letters to the editor

News articles

Literature reviews

Editorials & opinion pieces

Systematic reviews

Information articles

Care plans

Meta analysis & meta synthesis

Get Started with CINAHL

CINAHL, the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature, is the best place to start your search. It includes:
over 3000 journals
full text back to 1937
advanced search capabilities
evidence based care sheets
continuing education & quick lessons

cinahl complete

Other Research Databases


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