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American Journal of Occupational Therapy

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The research databases below contain thousands of articles in hundreds of nursing, allied health and medical journals.


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Scholarly Article Tips

from Vanderbilt University

Is it scholarly? 
The publication should be a scholarly journal not a newspaper or popular magazine.
The authors are scholars or professionals in the field and are normally affiliated with an educational institution or organization.
The article should have an abstract and reference list.

Clues from the abstract or text?
Look for a phrases like “this study examines…” or “we did research to find…”
This indicates that the author(s) conducted the research.
A review of the abstract and text of an article will provide important information of assistance in identifying it as a research article.

eBooks: Overviews & Anatomy

eBooks: OT

The titles below are just a sample of the OT eBooks available. You can search the full EBSCO eBook collection for others on any skill based topic, like crafts, gardening, or cooking or care.

EBSCO eBooks

EBSCO eBooks

Not on campus to find a book? Try our online collection of eBooks. This collection features over 65,000 complete titles and covers a broad range of subject areas.


Films On Demand

films on demand

Films On Demand has a strong collection of streaming videos that support the career of a occupational therapist as well as videos that supplement course work.

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