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OTA, Boyce Campus: OTA 204

OTA 204 - Evidence Based Practice

For this assignment, you will:
formulate a question utilizing the PICO format
develop a search strategy
utilize library searching skills
apprise research articles for validity


PICO process

PICO Question Search Strategy

Analyze PICO Question

  1. Take your PICO Question
  2. Look for keywords
  3. Think of synonyms

pico question to search terms

Search Strategy

Use SIMPLE KEYWORDS in search boxes:

occupational therapy and independent living

occupational therapy and elderly and active

occupational therapy and preventative health care and geriatrics

occupational therapy and old age and lifestyle

"elderly or geriatrics" and occupational therapy

Use LIMITERS to narrow the results.

ota search screen snip

Research Articles

Research Article Tips

Research articles follow a specific format and are organized into standard sections. Skim the abstract and article for the following sections:








Articles to Skip

Letters to the editor

News articles

Literature reviews

Editorials & opinion pieces

Systematic reviews

Information articles

Care plans

Meta analysis & meta synthesis

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