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Illuminate Dashboards: Learn the Dashboards

Useful Data for Faculty

The Illuminate dashboards were created using PowerBI and are open to all with a CCAC username and password. Dashboards contain important data collected across the college – from enrollment and graduation rates to integrated assessment and digital curriculum maps – these data will help faculty and administrators make decisions to impact student learning in programs, disciplines, and general education.

snip of available reports

Assessment Dashboard

assessment screen snip

A summary of how the college is meeting general education, program and course objectives.

Gen Ed Tree Map

gen ed tree map screen snip

Digital curriculum maps showing connections between General Education Goals, Program Objectives and Courses across the college curriculum.

Program Wellness

program wellness screen snip

Contains FTE, headcount, graduation and transfer numbers for programs.  EMSI labor market analysis and Demographic distribution is also included, all of which can be disaggregated.

Course Progression Analyzer

course analyzer screen snip

This dashboard is in the TESTING phase. The report looks at two consecutive terms and allows users to filter by pass/fail and course modality.

Enrollment & Success

enrollment and success screen snip

Use this to find success, D, F, and W rates of all courses and disciplines, disaggregated by demographic, term, program, class, modality and online course outcomes as well as current enrollment trends by academic year.