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Assessment - Help & Teams: Assessment at CCAC


At CCAC, a Culture of Assessment means:

  • Our core values are based on continuous improvement of student learning
  • Faculty, staff and administration engage in meaningful reflective assessment work
  • Results of assessment activities lead to changes in educational activities in order to improve learning outcomes as well as curriculum
  • Results of assessment activities are used to distribute resources throughout the College


teaching-learning-assessment cycle
Assessment Process
  1. Establish clear, observable expected goals for student learning
  2. Ensure that students have sufficient opportunities to achieve those goals
  3. Systematically gather, analyze, and interpret evidence of how well student learning meets those goals
  4. Use the resulting information to understand and improve student learning
adapted from: Suskie, Linda. Assessing Student Learning: A Common Sense Guide, 3rd Edition, 2018

Dr. Jeffrey Langstraat delivered "Conceptualizing a Different Culture and Language of Assessment" to faculty and administrators during CCAC's All Assessment Day, February 3, 2018. The all day professional development conference provided an opportunity for faculty to engage in the assessment process.

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