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Assessment - Help & Teams: Assessment Teams

CCAC Assessment Teams

liaison team

The Assessment Workgroup, created Summer 2017, is comprised of a cross-disciplinary group of faculty and administrators tasked with developing and implementing a plan to address accreditation needs identified by the Middle States Commission of Higher Education.

Assessment Liaisons are full-time and part-time faculty who act as “on-the-ground” resources for fellow faculty members. They work across the CCAC campuses and centers to solicit feedback and offer assistance in program/discipline assessment design and implementation. Additionally, Assessment Liaisons work with Assessment Facilitators and the Assessment Workgroup to improve the assessment process College-wide.

Assessment Team Meeting

Friday, 2:30 - 4:00
August 28
September 25
October 30
December 4

Join via Zoom!


Caroline Evans Allegheny Campus Faculty, Biology
Kalina White Allegheny Campus Faculty, Biology

Assessment Assistant

Helena Kirkland Allegheny Campus Secretary


Kevin Anderson Boyce Campus Faculty, Massage Therapy
John Dziak Allegheny Campus Faculty, Biology
Caroline Evans Allegheny Campus Faculty, Biology
Genevieve Foote Allegheny Faculty, Workforce Development
Carl Francolino North Campus Faculty, Computer & Information Technology
Valery Keibler Office of College Services Interim Associate Dean of Academic Affairs – Adjunct Services
Bob Koch West Hills Faculty, Automotive Engineering
Kelli Maxwell Office of College Services Associate Provost
Christopher Robinson South Faculty, Social Work
Kevin Smay Office of College Services Planning & Institutional Research
Stephen Wells South Campus Faculty, English
Kalina White Allegheny Campus Faculty, Biology
Melanie Yeschenko South Campus Faculty, Early Education and Child Development/Education
Carol Yoannone Allegheny Campus Dean of Academic Affairs


Kevin Anderson Boyce Campus
Faculty, Massage Therapy
Caroline Evans Allegheny Campus
Collegewide, Engineering & Nursing
Faculty, Biology
Rita Gallegos North Campus
Humanities, Math and Social Sciences
Faculty, Developmental Studies
Art Inzinga Allegheny Campus
Faculty, Culinary Arts
Debbie Misencik South Campus
Allied Health & Sciences
Faculty, Biology


Steve Ankney West Hills Director of Career & Technical Education
Sandy Callan Allegheny Campus Faculty, Biology
Brian Chiodo Allegheny Campus Faculty, Biology
Michael Chirdon-Jones Boyce Campus Faculty, Academic Advisor
Rocco Commisso South Campus Faculty, Biology
Lori Cunningham Boyce Campus Faculty, Librarian
Ross Donehue West Hills Online Learning
Anne Duffy Allegheny Campus Faculty, Biology
Ebony English Allegheny Campus Endowed Professorship for Teaching & Learning
Rachel Griffo Allegheny Campus Faculty, English
Art Inzinga Allegheny Campus Faculty, Culinary Arts
Diane Jacobs Office of College Services Registrar
Inna Karelefsky Allegheny Campus Faculty, Math & Physics
Helena Liddle Allegheny Campus Faculty, Academic Advisor
Emily Marshman Allegheny Campus Faculty, Physics
Margaret McDaniel Boyce Campus Faculty, Business
Janine Mickey West Hills Center Faculty, Mechatronics
RJ Mycka Boyce Campus Faculty, Chemistry
Jason Nadzam West Hills Center Faculty, Heating & Air Conditioning
Courtney Proie Boyce Campus Faculty, Nursing
Millie Rodriguez Office of College Services Dean of Virtual Campus
Amy Siler South Campus Faculty, Counselor
Lisa Slagle Boyce Campus Faculty, Counselor
Rebecca Stevens Boyce Campus Faculty, Allied Health
Justin Tatar Washington Crown Center Assistant Dean
Hannah Thomas Boyce Campus Faculty, Developmental Studies
Elizabeth Throesch Allegheny Campus Faculty, English
Monica Washington South Campus Faculty, Speech