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cycle of researching information

 CORI: cycle of researching information

Welcome to CORI: Cycle of Researching Information

CORI is a collection of learning modules designed to help CCAC students advance their knowledge of information literacy topics. At CCAC, information literacy is a valued pillar of the College's educational mission and is clearly outlined as one of the general education goals as follows:

Information Literacy

Acquire, analyze, organize and evaluate information through technological and traditional means.

The following are ways in which this goal may be achieved:

1. Determine the nature and scope of information needed for a specific task.
2. Critically evaluate and organize information sources and content.
3. Acquire and use information ethically and legally.

The learning objectives for CORI are described below and access to the individual modules can be found on the lower portion of this page or through the menu. Students working from off-campus will be prompted for their CCAC login in order to access some content in these modules.

If you have questions or encounter any issues, please contact your campus librarian or reach out to us via email at

Learning Objectives

After completing these modules, you will be able to:
Identify the steps of the research process
Apply the steps of the research process to a personal research-based assignment
 Explain the importance of providing credit for information
Develop appropriate citations for your sources
Identify and apply steps to evaluate sources

CORI: Cycle of researching information

Tips for Viewing and Using the Tutorials

How to view the tutorials

Click each item's “Access” button to open and view it in a new window. If you are off-campus, you will be taken to the CCAC login page to sign in.

Access tutorial button

How to navigate the tutorials

Tutorials will have navigation links across the top that you will use to advance through the pages. They will look similar to this:

After completing the tutorial, close the browser tab or window to return back to this page.

Information age

Do you know the meaning and importance of information literacy? This module explores the meaning of information literacy and why it's an important set of skills to develop as a student and consumer of information.

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Start your research

This learning module will help students understand the research process. It offers resources that will help students identify potential topics, focus the research plan, and get their project started.

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Narrow your topic

Being able to narrow the focus of a research topic to a manageable size is another valuable research skill that's covered in this module. Students will also be introduced to some great sources for background research.

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Explore Source Types

In this section, students will learn about the different types of sources such as reference works, books, news sources, scholarly materials, and more. Many of these are likely to be used in academic projects.

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Research databases from the Library contain millions of potential resources for research projects. In this section, selecting the best databases for your situation and tips for searching are examined.

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Evaluating information

Being able to effectively evaluate information is an important skill that will benefit students in the classroom and in all other aspects of their lives. This section explains why it's important and tips on how to evaluate.

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Ethics & Academic Integrity

In this section, students will gain an understanding of what academic integrity entails, learn about what constitutes plagiarism, and what steps can be taken to avoid plagiarism.

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Learn about the importance of citing resources in your work and get tips on these citation styles that are frequently required at CCAC:

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