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cycle of researching information

 CORI: cycle of researching information

Explore Source Types: Scholarly Materials

Learning Objectives

After completing this module, you will be able to:
Recognize the most common components of scholarly materials
 Use the tips for reading scholarly materials in your own research

Explore Source Types: Scholarly Materials

Tips for Viewing and Using the Tutorials

How to view the tutorials

Click each item's “Access” button to open and view it in a new window. If you are off-campus, you will be taken to the CCAC login page to sign in.

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How to navigate the tutorials

Tutorials will have navigation links across the top that you will use to advance through the pages. They will look similar to this:

After completing the tutorial, close the browser tab or window to return back to this page.

scholarly tips

What are scholarly sources?

The publication should be a scholarly journal not a newspaper or popular magazine.
The authors are scholars or professionals in the field and are normally affiliated with an educational institution or organization.
The article should have an abstract, citations and reference list.
Look for a phrases like “this study examines…” or “we did research to find…”
Articles are lengthy with few pictures.
Does not include any advertisements.

Access Video: How to Read Scholarly Materials

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