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cycle of researching information

CORI: cycle of researching information

Search for Information: Searching in Databases

Learning Objectives

After completing this module, you will be able to:
Brainstorm a topic
Refine a search based on results
 Use multiple keywords to narrow a search

Searching: Searching in Databases

Tips for Viewing and Using the Tutorials

How to view the tutorials

Click each item's “Access” button to open and view it in a new window. If you are off-campus, you will be taken to the CCAC login page to sign in.

Access tutorial button

How to navigate the tutorials

Tutorials will have navigation links across the top that you will use to advance through the pages. They will look similar to this:

After completing the tutorial, close the browser tab or window to return back to this page.

Access Video: Refining Search Results

Developing a Search Strategy

Thesis Keywords Search Strategy

Use the "Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?" method to pull keywords from your thesis statement. Group your concepts together and think of synonyms and alternative phrases.

image showing how to turn thesis statement into keywords

Text Version of Thesis, Keywords, Search Strategy

Because of the economic and regional challenges many citizens face, the United States government must subsidize the infrastructure needed to provide all Americans with free, high-speed internet access, eliminating the digital divide.

What? - digital divide, internet access, high speed, infrastructure
Who? - citizens, students, low income, minorities
Where? - United States, USA
How? - government subsidies, free, deregulation

Build your search statement by combining words from parts of your thesis:

SEARCH 1: digital divide and low income

SEARCH 2: digital divide and united states and subsidies

SEARCH 3: internet access and students and minorities

SEARCH 4: digital divide and infrastructure and government subsidies

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