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cycle of researching information

 CORI: cycle of researching information

Narrow Your Topic

Learning Objectives

After completing this module, you will be able to:
Differentiate between background research and in-depth research
Locate useful sources for conducting background research
Utilize background research to help refine a research topic

Narrow your topic

In our everyday lives we narrow our research. When deciding on a restaurant for dinner, you may limit your options by food type or by location so your choices are less overwhelming. Similarly, when conducting academic research you may need to narrow your topic to more manageable information.

Words to Know
Tips for Viewing and Using the Tutorials

How to view the tutorials

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How to navigate the tutorials

Tutorials will have navigation links across the top that you will use to advance through the pages. They will look similar to this:

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Access Video: How to Narrow Your Topic

Access Tutorial: Background Research Tips

Find a Balance

As you develop your topic, try to construct a statement that is manageable - not too broad, not too narrow!

image showing thesis statements that are too broad, too narrow & just right

Text Version of Finding a Balance

Too Broad: Internet access.
Just Right: Because of the economic and regional challenges many citizens face, the United States government must subsidize the infrastructure needed to provide all Americans with free, high-speed internet access, eliminating the digital divide.
Too Narrow: The digital divide in Pittsburgh causes an inequity for students to be successful in school.

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