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Assessment - Funding: Student Engagement Fund

CCAC Student Engagement Fund

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The CCAC Student Engagement Fund – promotes Special Projects or other approved faculty service activities. These projects can be either campus specific or college wide and should follow Appendix L guidelines.

Sample Project

Everyday Chemistry provided students with the opportunity to tour area food or chemical companies with their faculty member. This aided in student understanding of the manufacturing process and the importance of chemistry. A company chemist spoke with the students who then wrote a brief report on their experience and the chemistry involved in one of the company’s consumer products.


Word File


$40,000 total available per year for projects that are not covered by other budgeted sources or funds


A description of the project/activity that includes: details of project/activity parameters, project/activity goals, measurable outcomes, detailed budget with projected expenses, how you will assess the project/activity. See AFT CBA “Special Projects” page 35 and application for details.


Prior to the midterm date of the Fall or Spring Semester preceding implementation

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