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Assessment - Funding: Faculty Funding

Funding Resources for Innovative Faculty

There are currently three forms of funding available to support educational innovations at CCAC:

culinary students

Continuous Quality Improvement
The CQI Fund is data driven and requires evidence of a gap in student outcomes collected through direct or indirect measures and/or observations in the classroom. Awarded faculty are expected to collect further data and report their findings in order to be considered for further funding. (Fast Track fund available for smaller/quick access projects.)

John Dziak Faculty Development & Engagement Fund
The Dziak Fund is designed to promote faculty innovation focusing on student engagement. Faculty interested in applying for this fund should create projects that enhance student-faculty interaction, engage students in service learning, and/or promote civic engagement.

CCAC Student Engagement Fund
The CCAC Student Engagement Fund promotes Special Projects or other approved faculty service activities. These projects can be either campus specific or college wide.


Which fund?

CQI Fund

In the classroom

Need for materials

Need to learn (faculty OR student)


Same semester

Engagement / Dziak Fund

Out of the classroom

Need for experiences

Dziak fund = $500
Engagement = $10,000 / campus

Next semester

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