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Assessment - Funding: CQI Fund

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Fund

students in robotics lab

The CQI fund supports proposals designed to address a need to improve student outcomes. Proposals are evaluated by the Assessment and Research subcommittee and funds are awarded through the Office of the Provost. Awarded Faculty implement the proposal and report findings to close the loop.

Example Projects

Below are examples of successfully funded proposals:

Samples accepted for funding, Spring 2019:

Sample: Anatomy Coloring Books
Sample: Medical Examiner Cadaver Autopsy Field Trip
Sample: Strategies to Promote Critical Thinking and Clinical Judgement Among Nursing Students

Samples accepted for funding, Fall 2018:

Sample 1: Classical Knife Cut Improvement
Sample 2: Incorporating Games & Laughter
Sample 3: Scope of the Solar System


Documentation of learning gap and proposal to address that gap. Description of data collection process and plan to report findings. See application for details.

The applications need to contain data and not rely only on anecdotal evidence.

Faculty using CQI money to travel must report their findings to A&R upon their return.

Applicants can be either full time or adjunct CCAC faculty.


Faculty can request up to $3000.

These funds cannot be used to compensate for faculty time or curriculum development.

Left over funds at the end of a fiscal year will be used to pay any overages from the previous year. Funds are nontransferable and unused monies must be returned to the CQI fund.

In accordance with CCAC travel policies, CQI reimbursement shall not exceed the actual cost of any authorized travel and must be documented appropriately.

The decision of A&R regarding funds is final and cannot be overturned.


All applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

If appropriate with College Fiscal Year Closing Schedule and purchasing process, funds will be available in same semester.

How to Apply

The new streamlined form to request CQI funds up to 3,000 dollars can be found in the online Faculty Handbook. Once logged into the Help Center, faculty can get to the application by clicking on links titled below:

  1. Faculty Handbook
  2. Semester Due Dates and Processes
  3. Funding Resources for Faculty
  4. Continuous Quality Improvement Fund

The application will ask for the following information:

  • Type of CQI Funding (Travel/Non-Travel/Both)
  • Total Amount of Requested Funds
  • When do you hope to start and end the project?
  • Provide an overview of your proposed project
  • How will this project be assessed regarding the current learning gap?
  • What impact do you anticipate the project will have on your students?
  • Describe the impact this project will have on facilities, ITS, or other existing services at CCAC.

Application Process

Once approved by Assessment & Research Subcommittee, applicants will be notified. Assessment Team administrative assistant puts in requisitions, but it will take about a month in best-case scenarios for approvals to go through. Purchasing will cut the purchase order.

In the event of limited funds and identical rubric scores, the following list will be used to break ties: First-time requests from an individual or department, Classroom Innovations and Tools, Assessment Tools, Travel, Professional Development Speakers and External Expert Consulting.

If a member of the Subcommittee has submitted a proposal they should recuse themselves from the decision making process.

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