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Nursing Journals: Nursing Education Perspectives

Nursing Education Perspectives

Nursing Education Perspectives, the official publication of the National League for Nursing, provides a forum for the exchange of information and ideas regarding nursing education, faculty issues, and the design, implementation, and evaluation of innovative programs. From Ovid.
Nursing Education Perspectives
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Nursing Education Perspectives. Volume 42(3) May/June 2021
Author: Yoder-Wise, Patricia S.
Page: 133
Author: Onello, Rachel L.; Moulton, Michelle C.
Page: 134-135
Author: Sinacori, Barbara; Williams-Gregory, Mona
Page: 136-141
Author: Cantrell, Mary Ann; Mariani, Bette; Lengetti, Evelyn
Page: 142-147
Author: Hovey, Susan; Shropshire, Michele
Page: 148-151
Author: Sailsman, Sonique
Page: 152-156
Author: Tufano, Virginia; Dolan, Diana Martinez; Willson, Pamela
Page: 157-161
Author: Thompson, C. Elise
Page: 162-164
Author: Wiersma, Gretchen; Cox, Catherine Wilson; McNelis, Angela M.; Schumann, Mary Jean; Maring, Joyce
Page: 165-167
Author: Laverentz, Delois Meyer; Young, Elizabeth; Cramer, Emily
Page: 168-170
Author: Gay, Jessica E.; Phillips, Christina J.
Page: 171-173
Author: Start, Ethan; Culley, Joan M.; Tavakoli, Abbas; Polyakova-Norwood, Vera
Page: 174-176
Author: Feinberg, Iris; Hendry, Terri; Tighe, Elizabeth; Ogrodnick, Michelle; Czarnonycz, Catherine
Page: 177-178
Author: Upvall, Michele; Thao, Nguyen Thanh; Beever, Jonathan; Huy, Nguyen Vu Quoc
Page: 179-181
Author: Jill Dewald, Robin
Page: 182-184
Author: Morton, Jennifer L.; Kramlich, Debra; Simpson, Nancy
Page: 185-187
Author: Primeau, Marlena Seibert; Benton, Anna M.
Page: 188-189
Author: Rosenbloom, Sylvie; Nemec, Eric C. II
Page: 190-192
Author: Duprey, Melissa D.; Dunker, Kimberly Silver
Page: 193-194
Author: Robertiello, Gina; Genee, Jordan; Marrera, Amnerys
Page: 195-196
Author: Elkins, J. Casey
Page: 197-199
Author: Alexander, Susan; Frith, Karen H.
Page: 200-201
Author: Simmons, Larry E.
Page: 202
Page: E13
cover image
Nursing Education Perspectives. Volume 42(2) March/April 2021
Author: Yoder-Wise, Patricia S.
Page: 67
Author: Mariani, Bette
Page: 68
Author: McPherson, Sara; Reese, Cynthia; Van Schyndel, Jennie; Wendler, M. Cecilia
Page: 69-73
Author: Schuler, Monika S.; Letourneau, Rayna; Altmiller, Gerry; Deal, Belinda; Vottero, Beth A.; Boyd, Teri; Ebersole, Nancy W.; Flexner, Randi; Jordan, Janet; Jowell, Vicki; McQuiston, Linda; Norris, Tommie; Risetter, Mary Jo; Szymanski, Kathleen; Walker, Danielle
Page: 74-80
Author: Donovan, Laureen M.; Payne, Camille L.
Page: 81-86
Author: Keister, Kathy J.; Farra, Sharon L.; Smith, Sherrill J.; Bottomley, Michael
Page: 87-92
Author: Hidalgo-Blanco, Miguel Angel; Puig-Llobet, Montserrat; Lluch-Canut, Maria Teresa; Moreno-Arroyo, Carmen; Vergara-Duarte, Montserrat; Amador-Campos, Juan Antonio
Page: 93-97
Author: Chicca, Jennifer; Shellenbarger, Teresa
Page: 98-100
Author: Lee, Charlotte; Milbury, Bernadette; Movius, Maureen; Zhuang, Jianrong
Page: 101-103
Author: Christianson, Krista L.; Fogg, Louis; Kremer, Michael J.
Page: 104-106
Author: Shinnick, Mary Ann; Cabrera-Mino, Cristina
Page: 107-109
Author: Howard, Sheri
Page: 110-112
Author: Thompson, Cheryl W.; Moscola, Stephanie; Buckland, Scottie Thompson
Page: 113-114
Author: Testut, Tammy A.
Page: 115-116
Author: Smith, Ariel; Foronda, Cynthia
Page: 117-119
Author: Ro, Kumhee; Villarreal, Joshua
Page: 120-121
Author: Singleterry, Lisa R.; Caulfield, Susan
Page: 122-123
Author: Lockett, Leslie; Katz, Kathi S.; Czerwinski, Sandra; Gore, Teresa; Gwartney, Tiffany
Page: 124-125
Author: Hansen, Jamie; Holz, Megan
Page: 126-127
Author: Stuckey, Lanette Christine; Wright, Ariel Nicole
Page: 128-129
Author: Frith, Karen H.
Page: 130
Author: Forneris, Susan Gross
Page: 131
Page: E12
cover image
Nursing Education Perspectives. Volume 42(1) January/February 2021
Author: Yoder-Wise, Patricia S.
Page: 1-2
Author: Patterson, Barbara J.; Mikovits, John C.
Page: 3-4
Author: Yarbrough, Amy E.; Welch, Susan R.
Page: 5-10
Author: Del Prato, Darlene M.; Bankert, Esther G.
Page: 11-16
Author: Moore, Wendy L.
Page: 17-21
Author: Montegrico, James
Page: 22-28
Author: Feeg, Veronica D.; Mancino, Diane J.; Rushton, Cynda Hylton; Waligora Mendez, Kyra J.; Baierlein, Jennifer
Page: 29-35
Author: Glatts, Linda; Clark, Nancy; Clarke, Shirley; Fukuyama, Kathy
Page: 36-38
Author: Sartain, Andrea F.; Wright, Vivian H.
Page: 39-40
Author: Flott, Elizabeth A.; Schoening, Anne M.; McCafferty, Kandis; Beiermann, Trisha; Hercinger, Maribeth
Page: 41-43
Author: Merriam, Deborah; Hobba-Glose, Janice
Page: 44-45
Author: Hoffman, Jenni L.; Cowdery, Joan E.
Page: 46-48
Author: Barker, Nancy
Page: 49-50
Author: Williams, Cheryl A.
Page: 51-52
Author: Weathers, Elizabeth
Page: 53-55
Author: Kruse, Gayle L.; Baylor, Susan L.; Thomson, Phyllis D.; Wagner, Peggy L.; Doughty, Andrea S.
Page: 56-58
Author: Foley, David M.; Robinson, Jacqueline
Page: 59-60
Author: Key, Betty; Woods, Ashleigh; Hanks, Mary
Page: 61-62
Author: Dunker, Kimberly Silver; Duprey, Melissa D.; Ross, Jennifer Gunberg
Page: 63-64
Author: Frith, Karen H.
Page: 65
Page: 66
Page: E1
Author: Bhurtun, Hanish; Saaranen, Terhi; Estola, Matti; Turunen, Hannele
Page: E2-E6
Author: Gandelman, Elinora; Moran, Daniel
Page: E7-E11
cover image
Nursing Education Perspectives. Volume 41(6) November/December 2020
Author: Yoder-Wise, Patricia S.
Page: 325
Author: Caputi, Linda J.
Page: 326
Author: Lindell, Deborah F.; Hagler, Debra; Poindexter, Kathleen
Page: 327-333
Author: Lauderdale, Jana L.; Fogel, Sarah C.; Schorn, Mavis N.; Dietrich, Mary S.
Page: 334-339
Author: Englund, Heather M.
Page: 340-344
Author: Dileone, Christine; Chyun, Deborah; Diaz, Desiree A.; Maruca, Annette T.
Page: 345-348
Author: Musa, Ahmad S.
Page: 349-354
Author: Wilhelm, Susan; Rodehorst-Weber, T. Kim; Longoria, Alexa
Page: 355-357
Author: O'Connell, Kathleen A.; Kaur, Tresa
Page: 358-360
Author: Horning, Melissa L.; Schneider, Ryan; Beacham, Barbara; McKechnie, Anne C.; Kirk, Laura; Emery, Daniel; Lindquist, Ruth
Page: 361-363
Author: Wentworth, Katelyn M.; Dorfman, Lisette; Taddeo, Justine
Page: 364-366
Author: Forbes, Maryann O.; Oates, Virginia C.
Page: 367-369
Author: Gambino, Kathleen M.; Frawley, Stacey; Lu, Wei-Hsin
Page: 370-372
Author: Vacek, Jenny; Liesveld, Judy
Page: 373-375
Author: Sethares, Kristen A.; Chin, Elizabeth
Page: 376-377
Author: Webber-Ritchey, Kashica J.; Badowski, Donna; Gibbons, Lisa
Page: 378-379
Author: Goncalves, Susan A.; Treas, Leslie S.; Wilkinson, Judith M.
Page: 380-381
Author: Pagano, Michael; Mager, Diana R.; O'Shea, Eileen R.; O'Sullivan, Cynthia
Page: 382-383
Author: Krautscheid, Lorretta; Williams, Samuel; Kahn, Benjamin
Page: 384-385
Author: Frith, Karen H.
Page: 386-387
Author: Mazinga, Gideon
Page: 388
Page: E56-E57
Page: E58-E59
cover image
Nursing Education Perspectives. Volume 41(5) September/October 2020
Author: Yoder-Wise, Patricia S.
Page: 271
Author: Hassmiller, Susan B.; Beauvais, Audrey Marie; Shellenbarger, Teresa
Page: 272-273
Author: Bowles, Wendy S.; Sharpnack, Patricia; Drennen, Carol; Sexton, Martha; Bowler, Connie; Mitchell, Kathleen; Mahowald, Jane
Page: 274-279
Author: Beauvais, Audrey Marie; Phillips, Kathryn E.
Page: 280-284
Author: Sarver, Wendy L.; Seabold, Kelly; Kline, Melissa
Page: 285-290
Author: Lee, Susan K.; Willson, Pamela
Page: 291-293
Author: Russell, Kendra; Brown, Jasmine; Manella, Leanne; Colquitt, James; Ingram, Donna
Page: 294-296
Author: Bundy, Jawanza
Page: 297-298
Author: Ackerman-Barger, Kupiri; DeWitty, Vernell P.; Cooper, Jazmine; Anderson, Maija R.
Page: 299-300
Author: Swan, Beth Ann; Hilden, Peggy; West, Nikki; Chan, Garrett; Shaffer, Kathryn; Berg, Judith G.; Dickow, Mary; Jones, Deloras
Page: 301-303
Author: Ruiz, Diana
Page: 304-306
Author: D'Alonzo, Karen T.; Seaman, Kimberly; Rawlins, Latoya
Page: 307-308
Author: Goliat, Laura; Gravens, Kathleen A.; Bonnett, Pamela L.; Schrull, Patricia L.; Bowler, Connie; Prosser, Regina; Vitantonio, Deborah A.; Batch-Wilson, Wendy; Szweda, Christine; Kavanagh, Joan M.; Mau, Kathleen A.; Sharpnack, Patricia A.; Dillon-Bleich, Kimberly; Drennen, Carol
Page: 309-311
Author: Weathers, Nicole M.; Forneris, Lori A.
Page: 312-314
Author: Campbell, Rebeka Watson; Leger, J. Michael
Page: 315-316
Author: Hallowell, Sunny G.; Oerther, Sarah E.; Dowling-Castronovo, Annemarie; Rossiter, Alicia Gill; Montalvo, Wanda
Page: 317-319
Author: Frith, Karen H.
Page: 320-321
Author: Forneris, Susan Gross
Page: 323-324
Page: E22-E23
Author: Roberts, Melina S.; Gapp, DeAnna K.; Burns-Coral, Mary; Greaves, Valerie D.; Williams, Michael L.
Page: E24-E25
Author: DeBrew, Jacqueline Kayler
Page: E26-E27
Author: Jones, Melinda Mitchell; Chapman, Karla; Lacy, Darlene; Cannon, Sharon; Schnetter, Vicki
Page: E28-E30
Author: Friday, Vivienne Evet
Page: E31-E32
Author: Serembus, Joanne Farley; Hunt-Kada, Patricia; Lenahan, Kerry; Lydon, April
Page: E33-E34
Author: Chike-Harris, Katherine E.; Harmon, Elizabeth; van Ravenstein, Kathryn
Page: E35-E36
Author: Turner, Douglas M.
Page: E37-E38
Author: Kemery, S.; Newsom, Brittany
Page: E39-E41
Author: Davey, Christine Horvat; Dolansky, Mary A.; Harris, Andrew T.; Singh, Mamta K.
Page: E42-E44
Author: Murrock, Carolyn J.
Page: E45-E46
Author: Herrmann, Amanda D.
Page: E47-E49
Author: Logan, Rebecca M.; Johnson, Cynthia E.; Worsham, Jeremy
Page: E50-E51
Author: Screws, Sarah; Cason, Melanie
Page: E52-E53
Author: Weierbach, Florence M.; Halford, Sandy K.
Page: E54-E55
cover image
Nursing Education Perspectives. Volume 41(4) July/August 2020
Author: Yoder-Wise, Patricia S.
Page: 203-204
Author: Patterson, Barbara J.
Page: 205-206
Author: Sortedahl, Charlotte; Ellefson, Shanna; Fotsch, Danielle; Daley, Katie
Page: 207-214
Author: Klenke-Borgmann, Laura; Cantrell, Mary Ann; Mariani, Bette
Page: 215-221
Author: Holland, Ann E.; Tiffany, Jone; Blazovich, Linda; Bambini, Deborah; Schug, Vicki
Page: 222-228
Author: Cornine, Amanda
Page: 229-234
Author: Woodley, Lisa K.; Lewallen, Lynne P.
Page: 235-240
Author: Abbott, Miriam R. B.; Nininger, Jami
Page: 241-243
Author: Stinson, Cynthia; Curl, Eileen Deges; Hale, Gina; Knight, Stacey; Pipkins, Cynthia; Hall, Iva; White, Kelli; Thompson, Nancy; Wright, Christy
Page: 244-245
Author: Priode, Kimberly Slone; Dail, Robin B.; Swanson, Melvin
Page: 246-248
Author: Maneval, Rhonda E.; Vermeesch, Carol; Poindexter, Kathleen; Lourens, Gayle; Ventura-Dipersia, Christina
Page: 249-252
Author: Dewald, Robin Jill
Page: 253-254
Author: Fieler, Gina
Page: 255-257
Author: Derico, Sherika; Hawkins, Amanda; Grissette, Brittany; Mathis, Elizabeth; Herring, Tonya; Izumi, Mariko
Page: 258-259
Author: Mudd, Shawna S.; McIltrot, Kimberly S.; Brown, Kristen M.
Page: 260-262
Author: Powell, Shannon Baker; Engelke, Martha Keehner
Page: 263-264
Author: Robinson, Ruthie; Hale, Gina; Hall, Iva; Knight, Stacey; Melancon, Britton; Moss, Patti; Stinson, Cynthia K.; Wenner, Lori
Page: 265-266
Author: Frith, Karen H.
Page: 267-268
Author: Furby, Leanne
Page: 269-270
Page: E20-E21
cover image
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