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BUS 101, Guercio, Allegheny: Library Resources

This guide provides resources for the BUS 101 case study project. These resources will help you find, analyze, and cite a source from a professional journal in your field study.

Scholarly Sources

Is it a scholarly source? From Credo Courseware

                                                Source: Credo Learning Tools

Scholarly Materials Tutorial

Access Tutorial: How to Read Scholarly Materials

Search Strategy

Search Strategy for the Case Study Assignment


Select your field from the Find Resources in Your Field box above.

Click on a journal article database.

Enter your search terms.

Consider these limiters:

  • Academic Journals
  • Peer-Reviewed Journals
  • Publication Date

Select an article that is appropriate for your Case Study project. It should contain some of the elements discussed in the Scholarly Materials Tutorial (left), and be long enough to summarize.

Email a number of articles to yourself. Make sure the emails include (or link to) the full text of the articles and the automatically generated MLA Style citations.  

If you do not find enough articles in your field, or your field is not listed in the Find Resources in Your Field box, click on the OneSearch tab on this course guide, and repeat this proces.


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